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Hello Everyone, A Warm Welcome to our Website !

We are a Non-Profit making organization, supporting various industry verticals in promoting their products and services, absolutely FREE !

SalesMatinee was launched on 23rd November 2016, by Mr. Ravi Singh, a B.Tech Electrical Engineering graduate and professionally a Customer Service Evangelist, contributing in the field of Sales and Marketing.

In his Corporate Journey, he inherited the skills of experiencing his work in fascinating and creative manner. At present he is associated with Sasken Technologies Limited - A leading public listed IT company consistently innovating across industries and market boundaries, right from Semiconductor, Automotive, Enterprise Grade Devices, Industrials, Smart Devices, Retail, Public Safety, SatCom and TeleCom for driving the future through Cloud based data driven connectivity.

As an individual, Mr. Singh is a highly motivated and passionate professional. He love to learn about New Technologies, Emerging Market Trends and their impact on humanity and environment.

He believes, that perfection is an endless path and has no dead-end. That's why he is a prevalent competitor to himself., and he is never influenced with an idea to compete with anyone else at any position around himself; rather he love to learn from everyone, and move forward. He also believes that every individual is a unique book written by Nature without publishing a single second copy in the market. This fact really amazes him, and makes him comfortable to listen, understand and learn from everyone and everything around around him.

SalesMatinee is just a beginning to an exciting experiment, without bothering for any favorable outcome. This website tries to interact with the professionals, for whom life is lesson to learn. And for doing this, we are crossing all the boundaries like, countries, caste and creed.

Salesmatinee is not meant for manipulating anyone's thought process, and that's why it's far beyond off, so called Success and Failure. All contents published on SalesMatinee, purely focus on self improvement and self consciousness.

Please Note: Content writers of this website have no interest in commenting or contradicting anyone in person, so kindly don't attach yourself with the contents, because we write only on - General Market Trends and Inner world of Self Awareness by close observations.

Also, we never demand anyone (directly or indirectly) for any Financial Support, through any possible mode, under any circumstances. SalesMatinee is a learning platform, FREE FOREVER!

We are here only for three reasons:

1. Sharing Ideas which may make a difference to Society and Humanity.

2. Promoting products and services which has a value and respect for customers' investment. 

3. Utilizing this platform for Learning and Helping others.

We will never use SalesMatinee for making money or promoting anything which has no value for customers' investment.

For any more queries, please email to RaviSingh3112@Gmail.com or RaviSingh@SalesMatinee.com

Our Promise & Commitment

Team SalesMatinee