future of intelligent machines

My Learning: Being a Technology Enthusiast, I can just imagine the kind of intelligent algorithms running behind these Quadcopters. Complete technical understanding on coding side is not possible without a deep domain expertise. But from Business perspective, we can imagine the unlimited possibilities which these Drones can bring to this modern world. This demo clearly shows the future of Intelligent Machines, which will rule the World very soon, by contributing to all type of Industries in it's customized requirement basis.

Best Hire may not be seen on cv

My Learning: No doubt, Academic record is very important to progress in Corporate Career, and also it need lot of hard work, determination and perseverance to get a degree from top most institutes. But, many are there who learn their work after coming to corporate world, and sacrifice their enjoyment and keep upgrading themselves, in a hope that someday something good will happen. But I think, it doesn't work that way :) You will always grow as per Industry Norms.

start with why ! Leaders inspire action

My Learning : Why is the first question we need to ask before we make any decision in our life. It will reveal the purpose of doing that. Don't do anything just for the sake of doing it. 

Shah Rukh Khan - humanity, fame and love

My Learning: Humanity is the only word which can change the World. Division on basis of Caste, Culture and Creed will not bring anything good to the society. Our Resources need to be utilized to make this world a better place to LIVE, not to KILL.

Stephen Hawking - Questioning Universe

My Learning: If we can't question then we will never receive answers. I always admire Mr. Stephen Hawking for his Unique Abilities. He had bunch of excuses than anyone in this world can have for not pursuing what they wanted in life, but he never stopped learning. He never stopped sharing, and he never stopped loving what he love to do.