salesmatinee - new year resolution

Respect Your Earned PULSAR more than a begged FERRARI - Our New Year Resolution - 2019

Life After Engineering - if you're not from top institutes

It's the reality of Corporate World, first preference is given to top Institutes. That's perfectly fine, because talent ratio is high there. 

But, do we have any scope for the candidates from average colleges who are capable of contributing to the same level? 

They are hired on less than 10 % of the package of branded candidates, and they keep on changing their job for 10 -20 % hike Every Year. Interestingly, most common question asked for Next Job is - 


* Life After Engineering- My First Video made on Microsoft PowerPoint

A Peddle Towards Fitness

Based on a Song from Bollywood Movie - TOILET . This movie was highly appreciated by Mr. Bill Gates in one of his Tweet for it's remarkable Impact on Society for Sanitary Awareness.

Flow with Tide NOT with Turbulence

Enjoy Every Moment of Life. Just because you are Unique and single piece in this Universe, no comparison needed with anyone else.

No Excuses for a Motivated Mind

If you are really determined to Do , You will definitely DO. No matter, you have proper resource available or NOT. 

Never Give Value to People who find value only in money

Money is Important, But its not everything. Dump them immediately who attach with you confirming your prosperity. Prove them your Poverty and let them find somewhere else, their perfect Prosperity.

Enjoy the Intensity

Doing Something for the first time but with a confidence that you have done it several times, BRINGS PERFECTION.

Best Introduction but not for Job Interviews

Introducing Yourself with Confidence is of more value, than following traditional protocols :)

Horse Riding on the way to our weekend Trip

We spotted a Horse, name Badal, on the way to our weekend trip. Badal was going for a marriage ceremony when we caught him near a small village on Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway. Villagers ( and especially kids ) enjoyed our Video Shoot. And the Owner of Badal, was happy making some extra money by giving short ride to kids, who got inspired for a horse ride after our video shoot :)

Sometime we need to conclude without any conclusion

That's exactly what happened during our weekend trip. We selected a location for our trip and perceived that the spot is a huge Waterfall. But when we reached there it was nearly a dry land. Somehow we reached to the bottom of the waterfall and  convinced ourselves with the achievement of touching the origin. Same is true in our everyday life also, where we satisfy ourselves by achieving small chunks from our Bigger and more meaningful DREAMS 

begining to an unknown era

Give wings to your Dreams. No Matter how long it takes to reach the destination, but never delay to START ! One more Video from early day's made on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Don't be Restless, in Restless Waves

A Ship in Harbor is Safe, but that is not what Ships are Built For - John A. Shedd

Keep your fun alive, it refreshes soul!

Keep your FUN alive ! Because Life is too short to be too Serious.

Happy new year

A Warm Welcome to NEW YEAR with a small piece of Creativity