What Next to IoT - Promo

Are we gonna stop on IoT, i.e Internet of Things or we wanna think beyond that? Check out this Idea Sharing on SoT i.e Satellite of Things ! Today every country launches their own Satellites, Like NASA in USA, ISRO in India etc., which costs them few Billion Dollars every year. Is there a possibility of optimizing this awesome communication technology ? This video is puzzling around this single question.

What Next to IoT - Full Video

Here we go with our Trivial Try, on the possibilities of What Next to IoT. Is it gonna be SoT, i.e connecting Satellites across the globe to optimize the data transfer rate, and make it more economical and more human-centric ? Our pleasure to pass it on to the Satellite Experts, for its complete Technical Analysis, with a hope to see a complete New World, where technology will break all the boundaries of caste, country, creed and will be utilized for betterment of  Society and Human beings.

Unfaded Faraday - Promo - 1

Is there any possibility of a Fuel Less Machine? Answer is hidden in Faraday's Law. One of the greatest Scientist, humanity has ever known, and whose portrait was kept by Mr. Albert Einstein in his home.

unfaded faraday - promo -2

When I say Fuel Less Machine, we are not gonna talk about - Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Electric Vehicles or Electromagnetic Trains. It's something, based on Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction, the law which gave birth to Electricity. And made us so much addicted to it, that now, we can't even imagine this world without Electricity.

Unfaded Faraday - Full Video

Here we go with the Full Release of UNFADED FARADAY, the concept of a Fuel Less Machine. This video will try to cover the complete explanation on Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction and will provide models for it's practical implementation, for both - Vehicles running on Fuel and vehicles running on Battery.

Wiring the Wireless

One of my early day's thought on understanding the Wireless Technology right from the basic in a complete Web Series Package. Due to time constraints it was kept unwired, but in coming days, we will complete this Web Series for sure.